What if I Get an Award Letter and Don’t Receive Payments?

When it comes to permanent disability, getting payments is a crucial way to earn enough money to survive.  That means that when the SSA (Social Security) or insurer sends you an award letter to tell you that you will be receiving payments, the expectation is that the much-needed payments will begin to be disbursed shortly.  The critical thing is to know what to do should you get an award letter and not receive payments.  Keep reading to learn what might be the cause of the problem and what to do if you are stuck in this situation.

Disability Award Letters:  What They Mean and How They Work

When you get a Social Security Disability Award Letter from the Social Security Administration, this is meant to notify you that your application for disability benefits has been accepted.  You can be sure that either way you will be notified – if your claim is not accepted, you will receive an official denial letter.  Insurance companies tend to operate under the same circumstances.

Award letters usually come with:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the program and the process, including how much money the recipient will receive each month for their permanent disability. 
  • They will also tell you how to contact the Social Security System in order to make changes in your employment or health status, the information you will need to access your records, and how to call and report a problem with your payment plan.

What To Do When Your Payments Do Not Arrive

First, make sure to check your letter to see the payment plan and ensure that you in fact should have already been paid.  Then, contact SSA or your insurance agencies to try and determine the problem.  Often, the payments are on their way through processing or the mail.  Other times, simple problems within the system can be fixed so that you get the money that you need.

Ask to see if any changes in your life or the life of your dependents have affected your disability status, such as taking a part-time job.  You want to be sure that by moving locations you have not missed your checks sent to a different address. Once you have cleared that you are not at fault for not receiving payments, be sure to speak to the right authorities to get your payments as soon as possible. 

Get Legal Help

If you have problems getting your award letter or your benefits after receiving an award letter, contacting an experienced disability attorney can help. Your attorney can get in touch with the right people and take the proper steps to ensure your payments begin promptly and that you get the money you need.

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