What do I do when my Social Security benefits run out?


What do I do when my social security benefits run out?


Federal disability benefits do not “run out.” If you were receiving state temporary disability benefits and they ran out because you had received them for a year, you can then apply for  Social Security disability benefits.

But if your Social Security disability (SSDI) or SSI benefits were stopped, you can appeal the decision and demand a hearing in front of a judge. Benefits can be terminated if you medically improved, if you began to work, or for other cessation reasons.

Whatever the reason Social Security stopped your benefits, you appeal a cessation of benefits in the same way. You first request a review by your state’s Disability Determination Services (DDS) agency b filing Form SSA-789-U4, Request for Reconsideration—Disability Cessation Right to Appear. If you want your disability benefits be continued while your appeal is pending, include a letter to the SSA stating this (though you may have to pay back these benefits if you lose the appeal).

If a disability hearing officer at DDS does not reinstate your benefits, you can request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) who works for Social Security, just as you would appeal an initial claim. For more information, see our section on appealing a disability denial.

You may wish to ask a lawyer help you to deal with the SSA when the agency has stopped your benefits, so you can maximize your chances of getting the benefits started again as quickly as possible.

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